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Manuscript Submission and Publishing

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically via email to ddek@vip.163.com.
The manuscript review fee is free of charge.
The authors must take full responsibility for their manuscript, and the CJCP is entitled to make changes to the wording and sentence expression of the manuscript according to the provisions of the “Copyright Law” of China.
Generally, the authors will be notified of the decision regarding the manuscript by email within 4 to 6 weeks of submission. If accepted, the manuscript will be published within 6 months of the completion of any necessary revisions. When submitting a manuscript, authors must confirm that they have not submitted their work or a similar manuscript elsewhere.
If invited to submit a revised version of the manuscript, the corresponding author must address all the reviewer’s comments. Please use red marks to indicate the corrected parts in the article. In cases where the manuscript is returned for revision and is not received by CJCP within 8 weeks, it will be deemed to have been withdrawn.
Authors will be given an opportunity to proofread the manuscript prior to publication. Authors should return the proof to the editorial office within 3 working days.
After the manuscript has been accepted, a Copyright Transfer & Publication Statement Letter should be provided. The copyright for all articles published in the Journal, including the charts and tables therein, should belong to CJCP. The Journal should be entitled to publish accepted articles online, on CD, etc., and no part of the article may be reproduced elsewhere without approval from the Journal.
Two copies of the current issue of the journal will be given to the corresponding author after the article is published.

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