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1 Neonatal seizures: diagnosis and management 2011 Vol.13(2):81-100
Shashikant Subramani SESHIA, Richard James HUNTSMAN, Noel John LOWRY, Mary SESHIA, Jerome Yale YAGER, Koravangattu SANKARAN [Abstract] (16527) [PDF 1582KB] (6106)
2 A comparison of auditory brainstem responses and otoacoustic emissions in hearing screening of high-risk neonates 2008 Vol.10(4):460-463
XU Fa-Lin, XING Qiu-Jing, CHENG Xiu-Yong [Abstract] (4676) [PDF 1149KB] (5097)
3 Side effects of phototherapy for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia 2012 Vol.14(5):396-400
XIONG Tao, TANG Jun, MU De-Zhi. [Abstract] (31395) [PDF 956KB] (4813)
4 Efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccines: a systematic review 2021 Vol.23(3):221-228
XING Kai, TU Xiao-Yan, LIU Miao, LIANG Zhang-Wu, CHEN Jiang-Nan, LI Jiao-Jiao, JIANG Li-Guo, XING Fu-Qiang, JIANG Yi [Abstract] (8320) [PDF 1160KB] (4638)
5 Acute respiratory distress syndrome in the pediatric age:an update on advanced treatment 2014 Vol.16(5):437-447
Giuseppe A. Marraro, Chengshui Chen, Maria Antonella Piga, Yan Qian, Claudio Spada, Umberto Genovese [Abstract] (8338) [PDF 1078KB] (4589)
6 Ambroxol for the prevention of respiratory distress syndrome in preterm infants: a Meta analysis 2010 Vol.12(11):858-863
ZHANG Zhi-Qun, HUANG Xian-Mei, LU Hui [Abstract] (7786) [PDF 1328KB] (3233)
7 Analysis of non-bacterial respiratory pathogen infection in children with asthmatic diseases 2012 Vol.14(11):834-837
LI Chang-Zhen, RAO Jing-Jing, WANG Rong, SUN Hong, AI Hong-Wu [Abstract] (5064) [PDF 867KB] (2965)
8 Effects of inhaled budesonide on the bronchial-pulmonary pathology and expression of thymic stromal lymphopoietin in lung tissues in asthmatic rats 2010 Vol.12(10):816-819
LIU Hui, PAN Jia-Hua, LOU Wan-Ling, HE Jin-Gen [Abstract] (5194) [PDF 1570KB] (2861)
9 Clinical features and chest CT findings of coronavirus disease 2019 in infants and young children 2020 Vol.22(3):215-220
ZHOU Yun, YANG Gen-Dong, FENG Kai, HUANG Hua, YUN Yong-Xing, MOU Xin-Yan, WANG Li-Fei [Abstract] (7491) [PDF 1597KB] (2850)
10 Influence of near-work and outdoor activities on myopia progression in school children 2011 Vol.13(1):32-35
YI Jun-Hui, LI Rong-Rong [Abstract] (9049) [PDF 899KB] (2838)
11 Mechanical ventilation in acute respiratory distress syndrome 2013 Vol.15(6):496-500
WANG Ya-Mei,TAO Yu-Hong [Abstract] (7380) [PDF 1064KB] (2811)
12 Noninvasive respiratory support in neonates: A brief review 2012 Vol.14(09):643-652
Koravangattu SANKARAN, Manna ADEGBITE [Abstract] (7714) [PDF 890KB] (2805)
13 Immortalized mouse brain endothelial cell line Bend.3 displays the comparative barrier characteristics as the primary brain microvascular endothelial cells 2010 Vol.12(06):474-478
HE Fang, YIN Fei, PENG Jing, LI Kong-Zhao, WU Li-Wen, DENG Xiao-Lu [Abstract] (11972) [PDF 1127KB] (2779)
14 Consideration of the respiratory support strategy of severe acute respiratory failure caused by SARS-CoV-2 infection in children 2020 Vol.22(3):183-194
Giuseppe A Marraro, Claudio Spada [Abstract] (5291) [PDF 1107KB] (2750)
15 Effect of UGTIA6 A541G genetic polymorphism on the metabolism of valproic acid in Han epileptic children from Henan 2010 Vol.12(06):429-432
WANG Yan, GAO Li, LIU Yan-Ping, HUANG Nan-Nan, XU Shu-Jing, MA Dong-Ju [Abstract] (5951) [PDF 1221KB] (2687)
16 Clinical characteristics of abdominal distention in early newborns 2013 Vol.15(12):1074-1078
CHEN An, DU Jing, DU Li-Zhong [Abstract] (15106) [PDF 1301KB] (2676)
17 A review on neonatal acute respiratory distress syndrome 2018 Vol.20(9):724-728
CHI Ming, MEI Ya-Bo, FENG Zhi-Chun [Abstract] (7794) [PDF 1043KB] (2626)
18 HLH-2004 protocol: diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines for childhood hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis 2013 Vol.15(8):686-688
ZHANG Jing-Rong, LIANG Xiao-Ling, JIN Rong, LU Gen [Abstract] (7093) [PDF 1595KB] (2625)
19 Correct use of umbilical cord arterial blood gas analysis in perinatal medicine 2010 Vol.12(1):1-4
CHEN Zi-Li [Abstract] (5693) [PDF 1066KB] (2619)
20 Optimizing nutrition of the preterm infant 2017 Vol.19(1):1-21
William W. Hay, Jr [Abstract] (6080) [PDF 1007KB] (2549)
21 Ganciclovir therapy for congenital cytomegalovirus infection in newborn infants: a meta analysis 2010 Vol.12(1):35-39
HU Jin-Tao, CHEN Ping-Yang, XIE Zong-De, DANG Xi-Qiang, WANG Tao, HE Xiao-Ri, LI Wen, BO Tao [Abstract] (8898) [PDF 1272KB] (2534)
22 Effects of virtual reality training on limb movement in children with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy 2016 Vol.18(10):975-979
REN Kai, GONG Xiao-Ming, ZHANG Rong, CHEN Xiu-Hui [Abstract] (13423) [PDF 1338KB] (2497)
23 SARS-CoV-2 infection with gastrointestinal symptoms as the first manifestation in a neonate 2020 Vol.22(3):211-214
WANG Jin, WANG Dan, CHEN Guo-Ce, TAO Xu-Wei, ZENG Ling-Kong [Abstract] (7699) [PDF 1780KB] (2468)
24 Investigation on factors related to pyelic separation in early newborns 2012 Vol.14(10):742-745
ZHANG Qian, LI Yan, HE Xiao, XU Shu-Ling, GUO Hong-Xiang, CHENG Xin-Ru [Abstract] (4557) [PDF 911KB] (2429)
25 Management guidelines of premature infants 2005 Vol.7(1):1-7
CHEN Chao, WEI Ke-Lun, YAO Yu-Jia, CHEN Da-Qing [Abstract] (5795) [PDF 541KB] (2425)
26 Diagnosis and treatment of chlidhood staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome 2009 Vol.11(07):585-586
ZHANG Jiang-Lin, CHEN Xiang, LI Ji, XIE Hong-Fu [Abstract] (5452) [PDF 3684KB] (2423)
27 Echocardiography diagnosis of fetal cardiac structural abnormalities 2010 Vol.12(2):99-102
YANG Sen, ZHU Qi, CHEN Jiao, HUA Yi-Min, ZHOU Kai-Yu, GUO Nan [Abstract] (5977) [PDF 980KB] (2420)
28 Meta analysis of lactic acid bacteria as probiotics for the primary prevention of infantile eczema 2010 Vol.12(09):734-739
ZHU Di-Ling, YANG Wen-Xu, YANG Hui-Ming [Abstract] (6888) [PDF 1916KB] (2396)
29 Research progress in neonatal hypoglycemic brain injury 2011 Vol.13(5):446-451
SU Jun, WANG Li [Abstract] (5168) [PDF 985KB] (2370)
30 Hemihypertrophy: report of four cases 2009 Vol.11(12):947-948
XIE Zi-Jian, ZHANG Jun-Shuang [Abstract] (4218) [PDF 1030KB] (2316)
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